Saturday, 20 March 2010

Top 10 ways to promote your designs

I know its really difficult to get your designs 'out there'. Its a long process but your patience will soon be rewarded when you start building contacts and start selling!

I've still got a long way to go but even if I only have half an hour a day I use that to research and make contacts. So with what I've learned so far I have made a list of the top ten things that are worth doing to get your designs known to the public.

Below are my top ten ways of promoting your greeting cards. As my site has only been live for a couple of weeks some of them I’ve done and some I haven’t done. If you can think of any other useful tips please feel free to share them.

10 Ways To Promote Your Greeting Card Designs

1) Make sure you have a site showing your card ranges along with a link to your blog.

2) Send a few samples from each range in the mail with a cover note and prices to shops that might be interested in stocking your cards.

3) Email submissions to shops that might want to stock your cards along with some background info about yourself and a link to your website.

4) Enter design competitions such as Tigerprint

5) Check out other design blogs and send them samples of your work asking if its possible for a mention on their blog.

6) Make sure when your out and about to keep an eye out for designs you like. If you see a card you like look on the back and note the designers and publishers name. Go home and research that publisher/designer.Contact the publisher and look at the portfolio of the designer, have they been published with companies that might be interested in your designs?

7) Increase traffic to your blog by connecting it to Facebook and Twitter.

8) Create a good logo. Once you have a good logo/advert send it to blogs you want to sponser whol will in turn provide alink to your site through your logo.

9) Always make sure you are up to date with the latest trends in design. Subscribe to sites such as and Always make sure you update your cards to keep the styles fresh.

10) Subscribe your blog to all blog directories and enlist your company on company directories such as linked and Uk free index and linkedin

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