Monday, 21 November 2011


I know my post isn't very design related today but I just couldn't help myself. The last few weeks have seen a few upheavals in our house. We completely gutted out the kitchen (that was falling apart) and reinstalled a new one. It only took the workers ten days and we are so pleased with the results its very modern and minimal compared to the old one that was blue! (previous owners must of had bad taste!) So we've had a few weeks of dust and ruble and on top of that I've been trying to potty train my little girl Eleana. I was so proud of her going to nursery today in her hello kitty knickers who she was unashamedly showing to everyone. She managed to return home in the same underwear and clothes, so the day was a success!!

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  1. Ooooh, can't wait for a tour of the new kitchen! (Or post some piccies on here!) Enjoy it. And well done Ellie in her potty training - such a big girl!

    See you Thursday eve (?) if I don't bump into you before then. xx