Sunday, 5 June 2011


A friend of mine who's a photographer came by recently for a photoshoot in my garden the star being my daughter. It was quite hard getting a one year old (almost two!) to pose but with a few props e.g. a bubble machine and lots of food bribes we managed to get her to smile and sit in the correct places. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results. Carolyn (the photographer) is amazing at her work. She also has a brilliant blog that I've mentioned before but its really worth looking at her work. All her photos have a particular softness about them. You can view her blog here.

On the subject of photos my twin sis Katie is an aspiring photographer and really has a lot of talent. Here's a photo she recently took of Trafalger Square, I think it would make a pretty cool postcard.

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  1. we're looking forward to seeing the results too! Love reading your blog Louise! xx