Monday, 7 June 2010

Scary priests, ouzo and olive oil!

So I'm very stressed/excited this week as on Sunday we have the "baptism". I'm really excited to see my friends and family who are coming from the Uk but I'm really worried about my little girl and what she has to go through in the ceremony. Basically a preist with a big scary beard is going to dunk her (head to foot) in a big barrel of water after that she is lathered up in olive oil (like a chip for the fryer) ready for another dunking and then she has to have some of her hair cut off!!

It will be nice to celebrate her birth but I'm not particullarly religious and this is more for little Ellie as she will be raised in greece. Still hopefully she will forget about it as soon as its over and spend a happy afternoon playing with all her other Greek/English/Norweigen friends and we will all get drunk on Ouzo!

I've created all the decorations for the baptism myself which I really enjoyed doing and I also designed the invite which I've posted below, it has poem on one side and the date etc on the other. I hand finished it with some pink gems in the middle of the flowers. It was quite a success and since them I've had lots of requests to design invites for other events which is nice.

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  1. Don't worry, it'll only take her a year before she gets over the trauma and stops screaming when seeing a priest! Seriously though, I am sure she'll be fine and hopefully the priest won't dunk her too much.

    The invites are superlovely, and I know where to get invites if we have a second baby!