Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Purl Bee

I've been thinking for a while about printing my own fabrics and possibly making my own items out of the fabrics. The only problem is I can't sew and by that I mean I even struggle to sew a button on a pair of trousers! I am am now determined to learn to sew after coming across the site The Purl Bee. Its a site that promotes sewing and craft tutorials, but all the crafted items are very modern and trendy.

I often thought sewing was for older people like my mum (who still does all my sewing!) but obviously times have changed. If you need inspiration to learn a new craft this is the site to visit I was amazed by the projects available but I especially like the idea of sewing my own baby bibs and blankets for myself, friends and maybe ..I could sale them on the Wishing Tree site, although maybe I'm being a tad optimistic. Take a look at what you can achieve with some eye catching fabric below..


  1. I love these ideas Louise. I see your vision! Look forward to exploring more with you!

  2. I posted a comment here the other day - it must have disappeared! :(

    You should totally learn to sew - I have wanted to for years, but am quite useless when it comes to sewing and knitting. Just think of all the fun baby clothes you can make! Maybe we should meet up and do a crash course together?