Thursday, 24 February 2011

Carnival Time..Bon Voyage..

Am off to the UK tomorrow whoop whoop! I'm looking forward to having a nose around all the card shops especially Paperchase to see what’s new for Spring 2011. I'll also be visiting lots of friends and family. 

Its Carnival time here in Greece, a weird time of year I know but apparently in most of the world Carnivals are celebrated in February. Its great to take advantage of your little ones while they don't understand and dress them head to foot as a giraffe like I did! I figured next year my daughter will be choosing what she wants to dress up as but now she has no choice. She can hate me when she's older! 

It's traditional to eat meat today it's a special day called 'Tsikno Pempti' which translates as bbq Thursday, so we will be grilling some meat with friends on the bbq..even though it's Winter here and very cold, I guess the wine will warm us up.

Well happy bbq Thursday everyone and I'll be back in a couple of weeks x

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  1. I envy you. Greece seems like paradise compared to UK. I'd far rather be in Greece!
    Bring plenty of money and warm waterproof clothes!!!