Thursday, 14 March 2013

Carnival Week and Christmas Designs

Good Morning! I feel awful as I've neglected my blog a little bit as of late. I've just been really busy with work, family life etc. Its also carnival season here so there have been lots of parties for the little one and lots of fancy dress. The end of the carnival is celebrated with 'Clean Monday' the Greek equivalent of 'Shrove Tuesday'. On this day all the kids fly kites from the mountain side and then after we eat cod fish, taramasalata and a special bread (just like the english have their pancakes!). 

With lots of design fairs coming up in the next few months I've been busy putting together new design sets. I've also got another exciting project in the pipeline that I'll share when finalised. As of now its back to designing Christmas sets. Above is a little design taken from a set I did a while back for licensing info please contact

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  1. Hi Louise,
    Carnival season sounds so lovely. I am day dreaming about the colorful kites flying from the montains...ahh! Lucky you! :)