Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Day of Love!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! This is one of my favorite Rob Ryan prints and is something I would love for Valentine's day (I wish!). 

We are celebrating the day of love by me cooking (typical) a lovely dinner for my lovely husband and then we will celebrate by watching our new satellite tv, I know it all sounds very exciting..(this is what happens when you have kids!) I am actually quite excited about getting satellite as here in Greece as the tv programs are about 10 years behind and they're all in Greek. Plus with all the talk about the economy on Greek tv it would be nice to watch something else in the evenings. 

So a happy day of love to you all!!!

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  1. I went to the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham last week.... thought of you as you would have loved the stationary/art section. Saw some of Rob Ryan's latest collection too - very very nice work. LOTS of inspiration to be gained there, you'll have to come with me next year. :) Hope you're well! xx