Friday, 2 September 2011

Hoping for a relaxing weekend..

Happy Friday everyone. It's been a bit manic for me this week. The little one started nursery full time so she hasn't been sleeping well as she's so hyped up so I've also been feeling really knackered. On top of that I've been working non stop to get some fabric designs ready for a client. (The flower above is taken from part of one of the designs) .

Ellie will go to the in laws this weekend as it's our 6 year wedding anniversary!! That means we can relax a little. We'll go out to an Italian down the road this evening and hopefully we will catch a movie over the weekend if there is anything good on. I'm waiting for One day to come out in Greece. I've read the book and it was brilliant such a tear jerker plus Jim Sturgess is definite eye candy. I don't have any hope of The Inbetweeners being shown in Greece which is a shame as I loved the series. I'll put it on my Amazon wishlist along with Bridesmaids which was a wicked film.

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