Thursday, 24 June 2010


I love all things British and with the the World Cup being on and being away from home it makes me that much more patriotic. I've really missed England lately so I thought it would be a good idea to add a bit of 'Britishness' to our home and suprisingly I stumbled upon quite a few goodies.

First of all I just fell in love with this Union jack themed pillow its from Joy a great little shop with stores all over the UK. They sale all different bits and bobs. I also found a lovely owl cushion and a cupcake holder that my friend Carine from Cupcake Galore would appreciate, from the same store.

The Summer Holiday British beach hut is from Not On The High Street, I wonder if my husband would mind me hanging that up in the garden, we have to hand the Greek flag out twice a year for their 'National days' so I think its only fair!

The British Teatime cards are also from Not On The High Street by Dots and Spots. I think they are really cute and would look quite nice framed.

I also have to add this beaut, its a 'Quintessentially' Union Jack but designed with only words and the great thing is all the words have to do with something British, eg, a Victoria Sponge recipe, quite a clever idea I think!

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