Thursday, 9 June 2011

You thought we wouldn't notice...

All designers should check out this site It's a blog where users discuss works of art, illustration etc where the original has been blatantly copied. I was amazed by some of the works of fine art that are more or less exact replicas of the original and quite often people go on to sale these so called pieces of art! One person had even copied a Banksy piece I mean come on, being a fellow Bristolian I was quite offended!!! I was also shocked to see that the artist who I had mentioned in my previous post has also done some blatant copying. I felt quite disappointed by that as I quite admired his work.

If you click on the fine art tab on the side you can see some really interesting cases of plagiarism. I think its such a shame surely the pleasure of being a designer is in creating something from your imagination and seeing it come to life in front of you..?

So the moral of the story is copyright your work and if people do copy put them to shame on this website!!!

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